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Sometimes there’s things you want to say, but you don’t.

Because others wouldn’t understand. They might use it against you, leave you, or think there’s something wrong with you. They might not know how to respond, or what to do.

Counseling is a place you can say what you need to say about people and experiences in your life without fear of judgment or rejection. To a person who is trained to listen well to whatever you have to share.

Together, we’ll make a plan that gets you where you want to go. Then we’ll help you get there, one step at a time.

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You’re bound together in marriage.

Spiritually speaking, the two have become one – but the spiritual is also material.  You may share a home, friendships, career, children, hobbies…and you have most certainly shared history – lots of it. Your spouse may be the only person who remembers who you were ‘way back then.’

This relationship, and the dreams and goals that came with it, are worth fighting for.

It is possible to separate what God has joined together, but it’s like sawing off a limb. Sometimes you do it to save the body. Sometimes you have no choice. But if there’s a way to save it, we’ll help you find it.

In marital counseling you’ll learn to communicate. Understand how your patterns and past affect one another.  Learn to give one another what you need to grow and be fulfilled. Gain a better appreciation for your partner’s perspective. Confess. Forgive. Rebuild. Reconcile.

Get beyond the business relationship your marriage has come to feel like, and establish a deeper, more fulfilling connection. Not the old, broken connection, but one that is honest, adventurous, and sustainable.

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"The session enabled me to look at things in a different way, and to start to think of a plan for the future."
-Client | Manchester, England